Our Mission is to create value through relationships, knowledge and service.

DASCO's Values

The Principles by Which We Operate

Customer and Supplier Service
Service and Customers and Suppliers
We sincerely care about and exceed the expectations of our customers and suppliers by understanding their needs and making a significant contribution to their success. They trust and depend on us to bring substantial value through information, service and products.

Customer and Supplier Service
We practice excellence and deliver exponential results to the power of 3 or 4 by leveraging our abilities and working smart as one team. We deliver meaningful value resulting in encouragement, growth and increased productivity.
Customer and Supplier Service
Resource and Financial Responsibility
We put every resource to best use, not just good use, and leverage all of our resources to result in multiplied increases throughout. We intend to reward every stakeholder fairly.

Customer and Supplier Service
Team Relationships
We respect and value each other and work smart, work hard and work together as one team to grow the business. We work in an open environment that values honesty, as well as both individual and collective best efforts.
Customer and Supplier Service
We are known as a company of integrity and excellence that is committed to creating value for its suppliers, its employees, and its customers. Our business relationships are sincere and highly productive. Growth and Innovation. We constantly seek input and relentlessly pursue opportunities to improve. We embrace change and lead the way with innovations that create value for all stakeholders.