Industrial chemicals must originate from reputable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure they are meeting stringent safety and quality standards. At DASCO, our industrial chemicals come from regional and national suppliers. Only reputable manufacturing partners, with whom we have strong relationships, are considered for supply. These strong relationships and fluid communication allow us to pass information on to you so you can make informed and financially sound decisions. The vast resources in our network allows us to quickly and easily source quality products to meet your needs. Our network of distribution partners gives rise to effective and reliable receipt of product.

DASCO can help supply you with the following industrial chemical products:

Lists by industry

Ethanol Oil/Gas Drilling Fluids NoX Abatement Adhesives Fire Retardants
Ammonium Bisulfite
Ammonium Sulphate
Magnesium Chloride
Ammonium Thiosulfate
Magnesium Hydroxide
Anhydrous Ammonia
Magnesium Oxide
Phosphoric Acid 75%
APP-Melamine Treated
Soda Ash
APP Soluble
Sodium Bisulfite
Aqua Ammonia
Sodium Chloride-Brine Generator
Boric Acid
Sulfur - Molten
Calcium Chloride
Sulfuric Acid
Caustic Potash
Sulphamic Acid
Caustic Soda 50%
Technical grade MAP
Copper Sulfate - Liquid
Hydrated Lime
Urea - Formaldehyde Free
Industrial Potash - Soluble
Urea Liquor - 40%, 50%